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What is the standard format for a Digital Radio Uniform Identifier?

A: Each country is assigned one (or multiple) prefixes to uniquely identify Internet Radio or digital-only broadcasting stations operating within its territory. The prefix generally begins with one or two letters to identify the country, which may be followed by one or two numerals which identify the radio district within the country.

For example, the main prefix for Great Britain is "G", while the main prefix for New York, New Jersey and most other locations east of the Mississippi River in the United States is "W."

The station operator may choose the two or three letters that follow the standardized prefix, or may select to have them assigned sequentially by IRUC. To denote that the station broadcasts on the Internet (or via other wireless systems), the "-DB" suffix follows the assigned call letters. For example, a station operator in New York (USA) may request to have the callsign WNY-DB or WNYC-DB assigned. "Two-digit callsigns," such as WN-DB, are not permitted.

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