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Jasmine Jordan

Jasmine Jordan explores the different facets of love coming from a strong, confident, yet still imperfect person.  She creates rich stories that are heartfelt and empowering. Incorporating the soulfulness of Groove Theory, the sweetness of early Mariah Carey, and the sexiness and edge of Aaliyah, Jasmine stands out in the trending alternative pool with her timeless lyrics and sound.

Breaking into the music scene summer of 2014, already the Olympia, WA-raised songwriter has been named by urban tastemakers, including DJ Booth, Singersroom, and You Know I Got Soul, as an emerging artist to watch.


JAZOO's music is very hard to define, because the members come from various backgrounds and have been differently influenced on, which can of course be sensed in their musical work. Although a lot of critics classifies them in the jazz category, they prefer the term 'improvised music', because besides jazz they incorporate also other 'impro-elements' of etno, electronic, nu-jazz, fusion and ambient, and lately we can feel more and more so called scandinavian jazz in their creations. Scandinavian jazz is based on minor scales, it is very positively melancholic and above all very melodious.

The Kyoto Connection

The Kyoto ConnectionThe Kyoto Connection is a musical voyage. A step into the inner universe through a mixture of electronic ambients, melodies, and japanese sounds. Inspired by the emotions, colors and feelings of the traditional japanese culture, the music of The Kyoto Connection explores different ways and musical genres to reach a unique experience.






Dr. Groove Gang

Bienvenue au cabinet musical du dr groove. C'est dans un laboratoire secret que le bon docteur et ses assistants élaborent une posologie aux vertus guérisseuses aux extraits de soul, funk,hip-hop sans oublier une dose de reggae. Pas d'abus prolongé sans avis musical... Le dr groove a sorti son premier lp auto-produit en 2017 et planche actuellement sur son 2ème opus à venir courant 2019. il propose également ses services en matière de compositions et d'instrus à d'autres artistes dans divers styles (blues, rock, soul, funk, reggae, latino, hip-hop). n'hésitez pas à nous rejoindre et nous contacter sur notre page facebook. one nation under a groove.

Oleg O Kachanko

russian composer, performer, producer, sound engineer Stylish background music for fashion shows and runway, video presentations, makeup tutorials, beauty blogs and more... Eclectic collection of tracks across multiple genres of 2000-s.. 








Frank Rawel

 Hi, my name is Frank Rawel, born in 1957, amateur musician (self-taught). At home in Wildenbruch near Potsdam (Germany) I play saxophone(s), trumpet, flugelhorn and keyboards and mix all together to jazzy pieces. Hope you like it!  I still began to learn saxophone and trumpet. Together with my softsynth stuff I like to dive in my studio corner, where self-inscribed pieces between Jazz and Easy Listening arise.